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Ramsay Point Toe Flats Dolce Vita tnZ0DqNt
Ramsay Point Toe Flats Dolce Vita

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/ Gardening is Grueling and 8 Other Things I Learned While Working Outside

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Recently I ran into an old friend and, feeling self-conscious about my chipped, dirty nails, I felt the need to quickly explain away why I was looking such a hot mess. I told him I was working on my patio and yard for my Womens AsymmetricStrap Suede Slide Sandals Mars��ll rms2z
(thus, the reason I was a hot mess). He gave me a quizzical look and said, “Oh, I never took you as the ‘flower’ type.”

Outdoor Overhaul Patio Challenge

And he’s right !

I’ve got what they call a “black thumb”: anything I touch that remotely resembles a living thingdies.

It’s a wonder my children have thrived because I just don’t take care for living things very well (must be my husband’s good cooking, ’cause it sure ain’t mine!). LOL

Yep–I’m a DIY’er, so I know how to mow my lawn, blow my leaves, and if the season is right and I’m in the mood and can financially afford it, I mulch my landscape beds. Plus, I don’t have money to pay people to come and do this. So hubby and I do it ourselves. And occasionally, I clean up my patio.

We do the most basic minimum outdoor homeowner activities so that we’re not the ugliest home on the block.

But Inspiration Happened

After that patio makeover we tackled in logo plaque sandals Black Prada Im2s7zeNGT
, I was inspired to take my own home exterior to the next level.

I did want to become “the flower type” that didn’t turn every living thing to dust.

I did want to become the type that made over not just furniture and rooms on a budget, but could make an outliving living space inviting, too, without spending a lot of money.

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Web-only Feature

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| ethics | informed consent | web-only feature

It may be easy to view informed consent as one of those obligations all psychotherapists must meet in order to stay out of trouble. After all, no one wants an ethics complaint, licensure board complaint, or malpractice suit. And, if we ever do become the subject of any of these we will definitely want to have met our informed consent obligations to our clients in an exemplary manner.

To support this point, Knapp, Younggren, VandeCreek, Harris, and Martin (2013) highlight informed consent as one of the three essential risk management strategies recommended (along with documentation and consultation) for reducing the risk of the above-mentioned undesirable events from occurring.

But, these authors do not focus solely on the use of risk management strategies to protect the psychotherapist from complaints, disciplinary actions, and law suits. Rather, they focus on an approach that involves doing our best to fulfill our ongoing obligations to our clients to provide them with the highest quality of services possible (Knapp et al., 2013). This approach, known as aspirational ethics (Handelsman, Knapp, Gottlieb, 2002) guides psychotherapists not to just do the minimum required of us (the floor), but instead to aspire to do the best we can in all our professional endeavors (the ceiling).

From an aspirational ethics approach, informed consent can easily be seen as an essential aspect of the psychotherapy process and of every psychotherapy relationship. A consideration of the goals of informed consent and its likely benefits reinforces this point. But first, just what do we mean by “informed consent”?

Informed consent is a process that involves the psychotherapist sharing sufficient information with the client or prospective client so the client can make an informed decision about participation in the proposed course of treatment. The client provides her or his informed consent based on being adequately informed about what they are considering participating in. With regard to how much information to share in this process, what specific information should be shared, when it should be shared, and in what format(s), the goals and potential benefits of informed consent are relevant to consider.

Goals and Benefits of Informed Consent

Snyder and Barnett (2006) list potential goals and benefits of an appropriately conducted informed consent process as including “promoting client autonomy and self-determination, minimizing the risk of exploitation and harm, fostering rational decision-making, and enhancing the therapeutic Flirt mules Black Aquazzura PEaJk
” (p. 37). More specifically, informed consent:


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